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Access Appraisals Ltd. have been supplying wheelchair ramps to domestic customers, commercial customers and local government bodies since 2002.

Try before you buy on Aerolight wheelchair rampsWe have so much confidence in the quality of all wheelchair ramps we supply that we now provide a 7 day Try before you buy service ยป

Many people do not understand how to work out the gradient required when buying wheelchair ramps, or which ramp is most suitable for their needs. For this reason we like to speak to you first and offer you free advice to ensure you buy the right ramp. We also provide a 7 day Try Before You Buy service so you can be sure you have the right product.

Our range of lightweight portable wheelchair ramps

We have 3 main types of wheelchair ramp;

  • Aerolight Broadfold – Single width folding portable wheelchair ramp.
  • Aerolight Extra – Single length folding portable wheelchair ramps.
  • Aerolight Lifestyle – Two folding portable wheelchair ramp.

See more information on individual ramps below.

Aerolight Extra

Available in lengths 0.6m – 2.4m, the Aerolight Extra always remains the same length but is hinged down the middle enabling it to be folded to half the width when not in use.

Aerolight Broadfold

Available in lengths 1.5m – 2.1m, Aerolight Broadfold always remains the same width but is hinged down the middle enabling it to be folded to half the length when not in use.

Aerolight Lifestyle

Available in lengths 1.8m – 2.7m, comes in two sections that interlock together when in use. Each section folds in half when not in use which makes it compact and easy to handle.

How steep should wheelchair ramps be – Recommended gradient for wheelchair ramps.

1:6 (10°) Acceptable in some cases for assisted access and powered wheelchairs.
1:8 (8°) A good balance between gradient and space use, suitable for events etc.
1:12 (5°) Often required by social services/local authorities. Minimum required by Part M of building regs for installed ramps.
1:15 (4°) Sometimes required by social services/local authorities for independent access.


Wheelchair Ramp Calculator for a 1:8 Gradient Slope

To find out the length of ramp required to create a 1:8 gradient please enter height of step below.

Select height of step:  

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