How to buy wheelchair ramps – Try Before You Buy

We are so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that we provide a no quibble 7 day Try Before You Buy service on all Enable Access Wheelchair Ramps*.

This allows you to order your ramp, fully assess it for suitability, and if not totally happy return it to us before you are even invoiced.

Please contact us for free advice on 01608 663759 or by email at

Speak to us first – Order once!

We advise that you should not purchase a wheelchair ramp without first receiving advice on which model is the most suitable to meet your specific requirements.

Daunted by all the different Portable Wheelchair Ramps ?

Don’t be! Just give us a call on 01608 663759 and we will advise you on the most suitable ramp for your needs.

Points to note before ringing us about portable wheelchair ramps.

Before ringing us please follow this checklist

  • What is the total height you are trying to overcome?
  • If landing in a doorway, what is the width of the opening?
  • If landing in a doorway, does the door open inwards or outwards?
  • If ramp is to go on to pavement how much room is there to the edge of the road?

If possible, take a photograph of where the portable wheelchair ramp is to be deployed and email it to us at is a website belonging to Access Appraisals Ltd. a company registered in England and Wales (company no. 4537420 and VAT no. 812 494925)

* Please note: Due to high delivery and return costs this is only practical with the smaller range of enable access ramps. We are happy to accept returns, but it is up to you to arrange, and pay for all products returned to us.

Access Appraisals Ltd. are a company registered in England and Wales with the company no. 04537420 and VAT no. 812494925